Finding the Right Product to Private Label for the Biggest Impact

Finding the Right Product to Private Label for the Biggest Impact

Are you ready to scale your business and build big brand recognition? Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a whole new business. Or, maybe you are looking for reach more clients? It’s the right time to turn this dream into a reality, and we can help. The answer is private labeling.

One major hurdle still stands in your way: How on earth do you know what product to pick? There are literally tens of thousands of products available to you at the click of a button.

We hear all the time how picking a great product is both frustrating and difficult, but we beg to differ! We feel that picking a product to private label that is both high-quality and lucrative is the easy part.

Maybe we feel this way because we have private labeled more than 879 products that have sold in over 600 retail stores over the last thirty-five years. We know products, and we hear your frustration. Let us assure you, though—it is easy.

We have created an innovative process that we use exclusively with our clients to help them find their perfect products with ease. This process is dubbed the Unique Signature Formula®, and we want to see you use it to find your ideal product. Just wait until you see how the Unique Signature Formula® helps your perfect product come to you!

Tips on Finding Your Perfect Product to Private Label

  1. Contrary to what everyone else may tell you, you need to start your journey with passion. The private labeling business is more than just finding any old product, slapping a label on it, and putting it up for sale—no! It is much deeper than that. You must be more passionate than anyone else about the products you develop, and your customers need to know it.
  2. To create a scalable business model, find a product you can build your brand around. If you already have an existing brand, great! You can choose a product that flawlessly complements it.
  3. Use your vision to create your product and your product lines, keeping in mind how both your brand and company will look 5 years from now. This is our secret when we are creating private label products for Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Martha Stewart.

Need support? Let us help you find YOUR perfect product to private label so you can start making an impact with your brand. When you register for our product discovery session, you will complete and submit a short questionnaire. We’ll use that info to immediately schedule a call for a one-on-one, private, live 60-minute product discovery session. You’ll discover the perfect product for you and your brand.

A plan of action strategy will also be developed, so you will know exactly what your next steps are and how to share your private label products. You can also request instant access to join our free, on-demand webinar. You’ll discover how private label products work, learn how to use private label products to make extra money, reach more clients, and establish yourself as an industry leader, identify the keys to success, and much more.

Join us and let 2020 be the year you establish yourself as a success!

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Sourcing Products From China: Where Do I Find Suppliers?

Sourcing Products From China: Where Do I Find Suppliers?

When starting or building your private label company, you may consider sourcing your products one of your biggest challenges or obstacles. Of course, there are some well-known—perhaps even popular—sourcing choices that many business owners use, such as Alibaba and AliExpress. Both are Chinese-based companies that sell retail goods online, which private labelers can then resell as part of their businesses. Yes, many sellers on Alibaba and AliExpress are retailers selling retail products, which means…expensive.

If you think there might be a few drawbacks to using Alibaba or AliExpress, then you’re right. Higher prices, lack of packaging control, potential scammers, counterfeiting, deceptive products and more. Without high levels of experience using these sourcing tools, you could also find yourself losing more money than you’re making.

There Is a Better Way

Fortunately, there is a better way: sourcing products from China and working directly with the manufacturer. That’s why we have been traveling to China since 1989. We’ve been able to support and private label over 800 brands for some of the largest retailers in the industry.  Now, we share this strategy with business owners just like you.

One of the fastest way to work directly with the factory and with reliable suppliers that support you and your business is by attending the Canton Fair.

There is a long list of reasons that the Canton Fair is your best option for sourcing products from China, but the most important ones are:

  1. Save months, if not longer, looking for new products. When you attend the Canton Fair, what would take you months, if not years, to source and communicate online is done with us by your side in 4 days.
  2. Meet in person. Touch and feel the product and leave with FREE samples. This alone will save you months of back and forth communication and hundreds of dollars in sample costs.
  3. Vet out the manufacturer. You build a reliable relationship face to face, so you won’t need to worry who is on the other side of the computer.

As easy as this all sounds—and we make it as easy as possible, we promise—there are still a few tips you can keep in mind to make your Canton Fair experience even better.

Take Sourcing Products from China to the Next Level

  1. Spend time getting to know the supplier online and the company. This may take many emails and phone calls, and a ton of time, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run.
  2. Get samples of everything a couple times as each sample may come in differently.
  3. Make sure you aren’t relying on the supplier to understand the logistics and importing details of your product, including knowing your tariff codes and how you can save money.

Making sure you align yourself with a proficient logistics team or mentors who can support you through this process will save you a ton of time and money. Logistics and customs change daily, so you need professionals you can help you along the way. That’s us, by the way.

Don’t Go It Alone

If you are considering going to the Canton Fair then don’t do it alone. So many try and don’t succeed. There are too many obstacles that will get in the way. If you are going to travel all the way there, you want to leave successful.

Private Label University has a 100% success rate with business owners who travel with us. We have been going to the fair for over 25 years, which has given us the time and experience to develop a process to success…and there is a process.

It starts with preparations. Join us for our extensive international business training prep workshop and gain access to our personal team in China (all included in our sourcing Canton Fair Live event). The additional coaching and support you receive will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

We won’t waste your time talking about Amazon or bring in Amazon speakers, because Amazon knowledge at the fair won’t help you. That’s why we focus on 25 years of international business, retail success outside of Amazon, and how to use the fair so you are prepared and successful no matter where you sell your products.

And remember: You’ll have a personal PLU team mentor with you every day at the fair who is fluent in the language, understands our proprietary process, and has been working with us for decades. You’ll never need to worry about making mistakes or being unsure of what you’re doing.

If you are new to products and private labeling, this is your opportunity to get your business brand up and running super-fast. We support you through the entire process. We even help you build out your business plan and pick the perfect product to add to your business or create your dream business around. Learn how we supported Dalton and Vicky.

Join our next sourcing trip to China to the Canton fair. Let our international team take care of all the scary stuff so you can focus on what you are good at. Stop paying high Alibaba prices, start sourcing products from China directly from the manufacturer, and cut out the dirty work of finding reliable suppliers. Our team will guide you in China at the Canton Fair and help you find the right manufacturers for you, in just 4 days.

Are you ready to get it all done in just a few days? Reach out now for more information.

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Related Amazon Seller Accounts

Related Amazon Seller Accounts

Related Amazon Seller accounts:

Operating and maintaining more than one Seller Central account, without explicit permission from Amazon, is strictly prohibited and will result in account suspension. This prohibition includes operating more than on account simultaneously, as well as opening a second merchant account subsequent to being banned or suspended from selling on your original Amazon account. Operating and maintaining an unapproved account, or merely being accused of doing so, will ultimately lead to Amazon suspension if not addressed appropriately.

How Did They Know I had a Second Amazon Account?

Amazon knows more about you than you think. As an Amazon seller, you provided, and continue to provide, a wealth of information about yourself and your business in order to successfully use the platform. Therefore, you have essentially provided Amazon multiple methods of monitoring your account and business activity for signals indicating a policy violation. Two or more Amazon merchant accounts using the same bank account, tax ID number, physical address, or even the same computer, may indicate to Amazon that the accounts are related. Since Amazon associates your devices’ IP addresses with your Amazon seller account, sellers sometimes receive “related accounts” policy violation notices, and even suspension, without having violated the policy at all. It is possible that the seller simply logged into their own merchant account from a computer or location where another active Amazon merchant operates or where a suspended or banned seller operated previously. When Amazon detects a linking factor between your Amazon seller account and another, the onus falls on you to either shut down the second account, or prove your innocence.

Amazon Suspension for Related Accounts.

In the event that you are suspended from selling on Amazon for having related Amazon seller accounts, do not open another account without Amazon’s approval. Doing so may eliminate your chances from ever selling on Amazon again. You must address the problem head on.

Suspended but Innocent

If you do not have related Amazon accounts, identifying the reason Amazon singled you out can be difficult. Amazon will not reveal what factors led them to believe your account is related to another. But if you understand the all the possible indicators of related Amazon accounts violations, it becomes easier to hone in on the cause of the issue.

Perhaps you employ a person who owns a personal Amazon seller account, either active or suspended. If said employee were to sign on to your Amazon seller account from a personal computer, or from home, that employee’s IP address will signal a possible policy violation, particularly if you sell similar items, and Amazon suspension is likely to follow.

How to Get Your Amazon Account Reinstated

Once you identify the cause of your related accounts policy violation, gather any applicable evidence that proves why the false appearance of related accounts occurred, and therefore, your innocence. However, if you were unaware that you were, in deed, in violation of Amazon’s multiple accounts policy, quickly become familiar with all of Amazon’s policies, your user agreement, and provide thorough training to any staff or employees. Remove all of your listings from the related account and completely shut it down following the proper procedures, as outlined by Amazon. Next, you must submit a plan of action detailing reasons for the perceived link between your Amazon seller account an another, as well as any corrective actions taken to correct the issue.

Avoiding Amazon Suspension

In either case, if you do receive a policy violation notice, the quality and timeliness of your response will have a direct effect on your ability to keep your account active. If Amazon sends multiple notices, and no action has been taken, your account will be suspended. Because it is possible to receive a related accounts violation notice without having violated the policy, avoiding suspension depends largely upon your efforts to stay up to date on Amazon’s policies and respond to the notice as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Amazon Makes Exceptions to its Rule

Finally, the easiest and most proactive way to avoid Amazon suspension for having related accounts is to use the proper channels, and have your additional accounts approved by Amazon. If you own more than one business, and legitimately need a second Amazon seller account, Amazon may grant an exception to the related accounts policy. However, your two businesses must also be, essentially, unrelated. Amazon grants these exceptions through an application process which you must initiate by submitting a written request. In the request, you must prove a number of factors to Amazon about the nature of your second business. A separate email address and bank account for each business account is required. You must have no intention to sell the same products between businesses. Further, you must prove that each business deals with an entirely different inventory and that you intend to sell under entirely different Amazon product categories. If you meet these requirements, and your original account in good standing with excellent metrics, you stand a good chance of being approved for the multiple seller accounts policy exception.


About the Author:
Written by Kerry McDonald, Managing Paralegal at Amazon Sellers’ Lawyer

Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a team comprised of unique individuals with extensive knowledge and backgrounds. They are dedicated to defending the rights of e-commerce entrepreneurs and sellers across all platforms. Founded in 1994 by CJ Rosenbaum, the firm is now emerging as an industry leader as evidenced by its receipt of the Bitbond Best E-commerce Site of 2017 award. Whether a seller is facing an Intellectual Property issue, their funds are being held, or they simply need assistance with a suspension and reinstatement, the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer has the knowledge and experience to serve sellers day and night, all around the World.

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3 Private Label Resolutions to Make Selling on Amazon Easier in 2018

3 Private Label Resolutions to Make Selling on Amazon Easier in 2018

Many Amazon sellers saw changes in 2017 that made selling tougher than in previous years. Storage fees were increased, seller fees for media were increased by quite a bit, and the return policy which took effect in October made a lot of sellers unhappy. Despite these changes, however, Amazon remains a very viable option to make money as a Private Label seller. With 2017 coming to a close, now is a great time to reflect on your business; as you’re making your New Year’s Resolutions, don’t forget about your Amazon store! Here are 3 Private Label resolutions to make selling on Amazon easier in 2018.

Use the Right Packaging When Shipping

You need to make sure your products arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they last left your sight. It certainly doesn’t make selling easier if your products get damaged in transit! Provide enough packing so that if your box(es) were dropped, your products would be unharmed. Use bubble wrap or Kraft paper to pad your shipments. Take extra care if your products delicate, fragile, or very heavy. Please, don’t use packing peanuts! Amazon isn’t their biggest fan, and neither are most customers. They tend to make a huge mess once the box is opened—especially when cats are involved! Just check out curious Mr. Whiskers here:

private label packaging

Learn how to use the reports in Amazon’s Seller Central.

Amazon’s Seller Central (the place where you access your seller account) offers great business reports. From your Seller Central dashboard, hover over “Reports.” You’ll get a drop-down menu:

selling on amazon

Each section of this menu has the different reports you can view, schedule, and run. Take some time and really get familiar with these reports, as they are powerful tools to use in running your business. For instance, you can navigate to Reports→Payments→Fee Preview to download and review the estimated fees for your FBA inventory:

selling on amazon

Amazon has already collected and compiled this data for you, so take advantage of it! Properly utilizing reports will definitely keep you ahead of the game.

Take Advantage of Amazon’s Marketing Tools

Amazon has a wide variety of marketing tools available to marketplace sellers. Used correctly, these tools will get your products noticed and convert clicks into sales.

If you are a Private Label seller with a registered brand, then Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is available to you. Enhanced Brand Content allows you to spruce up your listings to really catch your buyers’ attention. Using Amazon’s provided templates, you can enhance your product page’s visual effect by adding extra images right into your description. You can add subheadings, paragraphs, bold, italics, underlined text, and bullet points to your description, which makes less boring and forgettable. You can also highlight your Brand Story, allowing your buyers to build a connection to your company, and encouraging repeat business. Enhanced Brand Content allows you to finely craft your product pages, which will set you apart from the competition.

Coupons and Promotions allow you to put your products on sale. Coupons must be digitally clipped by the buyer, with savings automatically applied at checkout, while Promotions are custom discount codes which must be entered during checkout for savings to be applied. Both will show on your product page, and Coupons show on search results. Coupons can also be targeted to a specific audience, e.g. only Prime customers. Both are great ways to increase visibility and drive sales.

Amazon’s PPC advertising is called Sponsored Products. With Sponsored Products, your products are displayed as ads at the top of (or within) search results, and on product detail pages. Your ads may also appear on both mobile and tablet browsers, and within the Amazon app. Sponsored Products is a great way to get you to page 1 of search results, especially if you are a new seller. Page 1 is where the sales live!

You can also create Lightning Deals. (We last talked about Lightning Deals during our blog post on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can check that out here.) Lightning Deals are time-sensitive offers which are indexed on the Amazon Deals page. Only Professional Sellers can create Lightning Deals, and even then, only with the products Amazon recommends. Recommendations change weekly, so check often by going to Advertising→Lightning Deals from your Seller Central account.

We want 2018 to be a great sales year for you, so make sure you stick to these resolutions to really rev up your business. If you need further advice, book a Take Action Call with us! It’s completely free to you. We’ve been in the Private Labeling business for thirty years, and we would love to help your business grow!

selling on amazon training







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What Exactly Is The Canton Fair?

What Exactly Is The Canton Fair?

The Quickest Way to Find the Newest Products for the Lowest Prices and Make a Killer Income Selling on Amazon: Part 2

Many of our students and clients have been asking us lately about the most effective way to get their online selling business off the ground. People are curious about where to find the hottest new products at the lowest prices. You’ve heard about how much money you can make in the physical product industry, and understandably, you want to know how you can get their foot in the door… and quickly!

Like we talked about last week (please link to Part 1 blog post here), attending the biannual Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China is without a doubt the quickest, most effective way to launch your business in the physical product industry. Understandably, you probably have some questions about that!

Today, let’s outline the most frequently asked questions we receive about flying to China and attending the Canton Fair.


Held in Guangzhou twice a year — spring (April-May) and fall (October-November) — the Canton Fair is the largest of it’s kind by a long shot.

Just to give you a rough idea of the scale, there are between 57,000—60,0000 booths and over 200,000 buyers that attend each session (spring and fall). It’s been around since 1957, and we’ve been attending it EVERY year since 1986. The fair continues to grow in size and influence, and a visit to Guangzhou is a once-in-a-lifetime way to find exciting new products, hold, test and analyze products before placing an order, develop life-long relationships with suppliers, assess the realm of opportunities that exist in importing from China, build your network and deepen your resources, and learn the in’s and out’s of shipping and customs. It’s also a thrilling cultural experience!


Each session is split into three phases, each are 5 days in length. Entrepreneurs in the physical product industry attend Phase 2, which is focused on Consumer Goods, Gifts, and Home Decorations.


Phase 2 takes place April 23-27th, 2017, but we invite you to join us in Guangzhou on April 20th for a few extra days of training, networking, and hands-on learning in markets and factories around the city.

On the first day of the (April 23rd) we will go together. We will conduct a live training on how to negotiate and build business relationships, find suppliers and of course, how to find the perfect product for your business. We will also teach you how navigate the fair and where to locate areas of interest so that you can use your time wisely and get the most of the fair as possible!


Yes, you do. Our Chinese company will be honored to have you attend with us! We will provide you with an invitation, which you will use to pre-register.


A valid passport and a Chinese Visa. In our pre-trip orientation, included in the price of the trip, we will walk you thorough the necessary paperwork and provide you with the an invitation from our company to apply for a Chinese Visa. It’s a straightforward process that we’ve done hundreds of times, and we’ll be here every step of the way!


Many companies who exhibit at the fair bring English speaking staff with them, however, after 20+ years of attending the fair, we strongly recommend hiring an interpreter to assist you. For your convenience, we offer a private service where you can hire one of our Private Label University staff to attend the fair with you. Our staff has been with us for over 15 years, and they’re all very familiar with the Canton fair. Hiring a translator will assist you in cross-cultural communication, business negotiations, and networking. They can also help you navigate around the complex to find the products you need!


Like many places in Asia, you’ll want to always use bottled water and avoid using tap water. Bottled water is cheap and easy to find! And if you haven’t had it before, authentic Chinese food will change your life. Everything is made fresh, and the flavors are unlike anything you can find in Chinese restaurants back at home. We have many clients tell us that enjoying authentic Chinese food for seven days is one of their favorite parts of the entire experience. We agree!!!


Absolutely! Whenever you’re not at the fair, you’ll be free to roam around Guangzhou and enjoy things like the view from Canton Tower, the pandas at the Chimelong Safari Park, or the hundreds of gorgeous, historic temples around the city. We’ll also be visiting a local factory and a few local markets as a group.


The fair itself is free!  You will be responsible for the cost of the Live Training, your airfare and lodging, transportation to/from your hotel, and meals.

  • Roundtrip airfare to Guangzhou is very affordable (considering how far you’re traveling), flights typically range from $550—1200 USD, depending on which airline you choose and how far in advance you book.
  • 4 and 5 star hotels range from $150–500/night. A special discount is available to PLU students at Langham Palace Hotel, where we will be conducting our 3-day training prior to the fair.
  • Thanks to a low cost of living, your meals will be cheap! Many hotels include breakfast, too.


  • A 1-on-1, pre-trip coaching call with us where we outline what you need to bring, how to best prepare, travel documents, and your business goals and hopes for attending the fair.
  • Three incredible days of hands-on learning IN CHINA from the experts, including seminars and group sessions, cocktail hours, networking, business coaching. 
  • On Day 1 of the fair, we provide a guided tour and full support throughout your day
  • A 1-on-1, post-trip coaching call with us to discuss next steps and how to keep your momentum alive!
  • Lasting relationships with the rest of the PLU team that attends the 7 Day Live Training.
  • Because we believe so strongly in the opportunities this trip will open for you and your business, we are excited to announce that this year, you can bring a guest for FREE!
  • Want to see the full itinerary?

We are SO EXCITED to personally walk you through the steps to finding the perfect product to sell online at the Canton Fair this spring. Join us to discover the secrets to sourcing, private labeling, importing and launching your perfect product so you can start earning the money you deserve!!

Did you miss part 1 of this 2 part article series?  Read it here…


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Private Labeling for EVERY Business

Private Labeling for EVERY Business

What Is Private Labeling?

Believe it or not, you see private labeling every day. Sellers find an existing physical product and then put their own brand on that product. Think WalMart’s Great Value line, or Target’s new Good & Gather brand for some “big boy” examples.

You don’t need to be WalMart or Martha Stewart to get started. With the right product, you could be the next big success story. Consider Dollar Shave Club, which started as a private label business and was eventually sold to Unilever for a cool $1 billion. Glossier cosmetics is another big brand that launched out of a popular beauty blog—and it also started as a private labeler. Even mattresses can be branded; just ask Casper about that.

Every day, we work with clients to help them discover private labeling and how it could help you generate thousands of dollars, if not more, in extra revenue a month for their businesses. We can help you, too.

Who Can Add Private Labeling to Their Businesses?

If you already have a business—for example, you are a service provider, a coach or mentor, a health and wellness specialist, a chiropractor, a pet retailer, a beauty consultant or a brick and mortar store to name a few, or you are just looking to start a business—then you are in the right place and in for a huge treat. We are going to share with you how you can start making money every day without having to invest more time.

How do you do this?  Private labeling.

Believe it or not, you see private labeling every day in everything you touch. From toothpaste to your hair brush, from the coffee you drink to the clothes you wear, and from the electronics you use to the beds and treats you buy for your pets.

The process of private labeling is really simple and consists of 3 steps:

  • find an existing physical product
  • putting your own brand on that product
  • share it

The great news and the latest secret is…  you don’t have to be a huge company like WalMart or Target to start your own private labeling products.

Consider Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, and even George Foreman, who all expanded their brand, their fame—and their wallets—through private labeling products around the services they provide or their personal interests. Who hasn’t heard of a George Foreman grill?  Did you know he was actually a boxer?  Most don’t know that, but they do know him because of his products.

The same model could be used for almost any business you currently have. If you’re a fitness coach, you could apply your brand to home fitness products. As a blooming chef—like Wolfgang Puck—you could also develop your own line of cookware or kitchen products. Lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, veterinarians, interior designers or decorators, chiropractors or massage therapists (hello, private label mattresses!), aestheticians, salon owners… The possibilities really are endless.

You are probably thinking, “Those are big names, and I don’t have that recognition.” Well, before Wolfgang Puck became a household name, he was a chef known only in small circles. He claimed his recognition and wealth through the products he added to his brand and services.

Heard of Ali Webb? Probably not. She added products to her store, Dry Bar, and created an incredible brand nationwide, generating millions of dollars in sales. Her products allowed her to reach more customers and make a bigger impact in her industry.

When Can I Get Started?

So, now that you know anyone can start a private label business or add private label products to their growing brand, when can you start private labeling?

You already know the answer. In short: Now!

Start right away with our free, on-demand webinar, where you’ll discover how private label products work, how you can use these products to scale your current business and make extra money, and get the keys to your success.

It’s easier than you think. And we’re always here to help if you have questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out!



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