5 Female Entrepreneurs You Need to Be Following in 2020

5 Female Entrepreneurs You Need to Be Following in 2020

blonde woman in yellow dress working on laptop

Women need each other to rise to the top. While success can come from many angles, it often sparks with connecting to other women who have paved their own path and hearing the stories of how they brought their dreams into reach.

At BossBabe, we’re lucky to come across inspiring female entrepreneurs every day — and when there’s a batch that stands out, you’d better believe we take note.

Meet five of the most inspiring, hardworking and fastest-rising entrepreneurial babes from within our own community. They’ve cultivated their own amazing brands, businesses, and powerful skillsets. Each of their journies is different but the qualities that helped them rise to the top are the same: resilience, determination, and an unwavering dedication to their own continuous growth.

The inspiring female entrepreneurs below perfectly epitomize the concept of a boss babe. They’ve nailed their niche and poured their hearts and souls into their businesses. We’ve watched them grow and will continue to do so as they inevitably rise to the top. Looking for instant inspiration? Soak up their stories below and follow them on social to keep up with their badass evolution…

Liv Conlon inspiring female entrepreneur

Who is she?
Liv Conlon

What’s her story?
Not many people can say they’ve started two successful businesses from scratch, built a £1 million brand in their teens, traveled the world speaking internationally and won 10 national and international business and entrepreneur awards. And even fewer people can say they’ve done all that – and so much more – before they were 21-years-old.

Liv Conlon, whose many accolades include The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is a tenacious and inspiring female entrepreneur who left school age 16 to start her first business, ThePropertyStagers. At 19 she built a £1 million brand from scratch in an industry that didn’t exist, beating the odds and turning her vision into a profitable reality. Liv now uses her own success and experience to help entrepreneurs create a profitable personal brand through her ‘Personal Brand Accelerator’, a platform that supports entrepreneurs going from unknown to industry leaders with an internationally recognizable business and brand.

Where can you find her?

Nadine rohner inspiring female entrepreneurWho is she?
Nadine Rohner

What’s her story?
In 2015 Nadine was sitting in her office working a corporate job, feeling completely stale and stuck in life. She had two options, to stay miserable or to take a risk and change everything. Nadine followed her inner voice, quit her job, sold all her stuff, moved to Bali to start her own social media business — and decided there was no way she was ever going back to a 9 to 5.

With her coaching, courses and free online training, Nadine now helps women how to successfully work and financially thrive as freelance social media managers who have the freedom to travel the world. After working with clients for years, it’s now her mission and passion to help women across the world to step out of their daily 9-5, expand their beliefs and unleash their true potential.

Nadine’s business, The Social Shells, has enabled hundreds of women to create their own
independent laptop lifestyle. It’s helped women become successful freelance social media managers so they can work from anywhere around the world.

karen pena inspiring female entrepreneurWho is she?
Karen Peña

What’s her story?
Karen Peña is the Founder and CEO of Organic Guidance, a health and wellness company that’s on track to completely revolutionize the cannabis industry.

As a medical cannabis patient with a rare autoimmune disorder that pharmaceutical drugs had only complicated, Karen is passionate about ensuring product quality, consistency, and safety. She recognized the disconnect between how critical cannabis products have been in her healing process and how wildly unregulated the industry is.

Karen mobilized and took her experience — as a BioMolecular and Quality Engineer who’s previously worked for various Fortune 500 Biotechnology and cannabis companies — to build a business that helps patients ensure they’re using the highest-quality medicinal product.

This inspiring female entrepreneur has the vision to provide cannabis and hemp products of uncompromising quality that meet the lifestyle needs of modern-day health-conscious humans. Karen is on an unstoppable mission to help millions go from stressed and anxious to relieved and focused with cannabis, hemp and CBD.

Where can you find her?

Emily fitz inspiring female entrepreneurWho is she?
Emily Fitz

What’s her story?
Emily is an intuitive business and success coach who works with ambitious women that are ready to launch their coaching business online. She supports them in attracting their first dream clients while using the power of mindset and manifestation to be booked out in their biz and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

In 2019, after years of hustling through unfulfilling jobs, Emily successfully booked out her first-ever group program with no list or following. In 6 months of being all-in on her business, she quit her 9-5 and has never looked back.

Emily is known across the internet as The Manifesting Junkie because empowering women to live the life they desire is her drug addiction. This inspiring female entrepreneur literally gets a rush supporting other women in creating a heart-centered coaching business that feeds their soul. She’s obsessed with working with women who are not only ready to increase their income but also expand their impact on the world.

Where can you find her?

Hilary johnson protraitWho is she?
Hilery Johnson

What’s her story?
Hilery is the founder and CEO of BringInBaby, a trailblazing company that shows women how to holistically increase their chances of pregnancy, prepare energetically for their baby’s arrival and increase intuition and innate power for the new mom.

Hilery created BringInBaby after she found herself craving a child and a family in addition to her already successful creative career. As a long-time spiritual seeker and healer, she integrated powerful spiritual tools to raise her vibration to bring her baby in. Now that her then-baby-son is now a teen, she has some breathing room and wants to share her wisdom with women ready to call in their baby.

From calling in and connecting with baby, to preparing for birth, Hilery’s hope is to help the journey to motherhood smoother and easier so women can have the space to become the happy, empowered, intuitive mom they deserve to be.

Where can you find her?
[email protected]
Text or call: (310) 266-8407

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How to Nail your Niche with Celebrity Brow Artist Kelly Baker

How to Nail your Niche with Celebrity Brow Artist Kelly Baker

Sarah Jane Ponce is a Financial advisor and Co-Founder of Audiocreatives. Sarah Jane and her husband Edward, has been producing hassle-free podcasting for 4 years. Allowing podcast host to focus on recording episodes and have more time with their business and other things they love.
Although she graduated in Automotive Engineering Technology and studied Management, she finds herself passionate in producing and growing podcast. She helps empower young mothers and children from broken families towards having a positive outlook in life, unlocking their potentials and promoting self-love.

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5 Powerful Business Lessons from the Queen of Country Music

5 Powerful Business Lessons from the Queen of Country Music

Dolly Parton wearing white suit on stage
Photo via Dolly Parton

Even if you don’t know a lot about Dolly Parton, you know her music. This singer-songwriter has sold over 170 million records and is most famous for songs like Jolene, 9 to 5, Coat of Many Colors and I Will Always Love You.

In addition to her prolific music career, Dolly is an actress, theme park owner, and passionate philanthropist. At 73 years old, Dolly Parton is at the height of her career and busier than ever. She recently launched a Netflix series called Heartstrings inspired by her songs. She was also interviewed by Jad Abumrad in a popular podcast called Dolly Parton’s America. Oh, and she was responsible for starting that Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tinder meme – did you play the #dollypartonchallenge?

How has this short, spunky country Barbie bombshell continued to grow her career for over five decades?

There are a lot of valuable business lessons to be learned from this living legend. For your inspiration, here’s five to live by:

Lesson #1: Honor your roots and stay humble.

Dolly grew up with 12 siblings in a one-room cabin in the smoky mountains of east Tennessee. She describes her upbringing as dirt poor and still owns the actual cabin where she was born. She also had the cabin recreated in her Dollywood theme park which has over 4 million visitors a year. The whole park is both an homage and celebration of to her humble beginnings. Maybe the reason Dolly and her songs like My Tennessee Mountain Home are so popular is because we are all a bit nostalgic about our childhood and long for those simpler times.

Imagination Library, her philanthropic organization, was inspired by her father. Despite being illiterate, Dolly says he was the smartest man she has ever known. The organization has delivered over 120 million books to children in need since its inception in 1995. Being known as the “book lady” is what made her Daddy most proud.

If you met Dolly today, you wouldn’t guess that she is worth over $500 Million. Or, that she is one of the few people to have ever received nominations from the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Tony Awards and Emmy Awards. Her accolades are many including ten Grammys, two Academy Award nominations, ten Country Music Association Awards, seven Academy of Country Music Awards and three American Music Awards.

Her rags to rhinestones American dream is an inspiration to many. Some even call her a saint. Although she is widely worshipped, Dolly remains incredibly down to earth. For instance, she plays over 20 instruments and humbly says most of them are just to create mountain sounds.

Lesson #2: Stay true to your brand.

Dolly went from the coat of many colors that her mama made to closets filled with sparkly outfits and sequined dresses. She never leaves the house without a big blonde wig and red acrylic nails. She created her “tacky” over the top look from women in her small town who she thought were beautiful even though she knew they were “working women.”

Many popular female performers have followed in her loud and proud fashion footsteps. Look at Lady Gaga and Cardi B with their outrageous style as well as talent and business savvy.

young Dolly Parton
Photo via Dolly Parton

Nielsen Research confirms Dolly’s brand power. Her Q Score ranking (public appeal and branding affinity) lists her in the top 10 highest ranked celebrities across any type of entertainment.

She has always stayed true to her roots which clearly works for her. When asked about her style, Dolly just laughs and says, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.”

Lesson #3: Follow your heart and do the right thing.

Dolly’s biggest hit, I Will Always Love You, was actually written about her decision to go solo after a long successful partnership with Porter Wagner of Grand Ole Opry fame. While he gave her an amazing start, he was not supportive of her solo career. In fact, he sued her when she left and spoke very badly about her publicly. Years later, when he fell on hard times, Dolly bought his company and gave it back to him. She simply called it the right thing to do. She forgave him and they remained friends until he passed.

Dolly is beloved as she loves everyone. Her concerts are known to be incredibly diverse. Younger audiences know her from her reoccurring role as Aunt Dolly on Hannah Montana. She has conservative religious fans as well as being very popular in the LGBTQ community. Dolly started singing in her pastor’s grandfather’s church as a girl and talks openly about her faith. Dolly has been known to show up and participate in drag queen contests. She is often called the great unifier. Dolly simply explains that she lives in both worlds and loves and accepts them both.

Dolly is also famous for her acting role in 9 to 5 and that theme song has become synonymous with women’s rights. However, she does not call herself a feminist. She says that the way she conducts herself in life and business should speak for itself without needing a label.

Forgiveness. Unconditional love. Doing the right thing no matter what. This is why she is often called the Dollymama.

Lesson #4: Stand firm on your business terms.

Dolly defines blonde ambition. As a smart driven businesswoman, she has always had big dreams, hardcore work ethic, and savvy business instincts.

She has written thousands of songs and has had her own music publishing company since 1965. Controlling your own revenue is a truly powerful business lesson. When Elvis Presley wanted to do a recording of I Will Always Love You after she had made it a hit, Dolly was thrilled. Upon learning that this would require her to give him half the publishing rights, she declined the deal. It was clearly a very wise decision as years later Whitney Houston sang a rendition in the film, The Bodyguard. This version remains one of the biggest singles of all time and one of Dolly’s biggest moneymakers.

Lesson #5: Have the first and the last laugh.

Having a positive attitude and a playful sense of humor are other keys to Dolly’s popularity and success. She is well aware of the jokes made about her persona and most specifically about her boobs. In the beginning, she just told the boob jokes herself as she knew everyone was already thinking them. She calls it part of the show and she wants to put on a good one.

This incredible icon is a true BossBabe and she always gets the last laugh.

“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb, and I know I’m not blonde either.”

The best way to summarize these business lessons from Dolly Parton is with another one of her famous quotes:

 “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

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This is the Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Working from Home

This is the Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Working from Home

iPhone in woman's hand on wooden desk

Let’s face it, working from home every single day makes you more inclined to become a loner; a hard-working individual who gradually drifts away from social circles. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in your alone time, besides, its in the nature of freelancing and owning your own business – to do things on your own.

The only downside is that too much of this isolation can leave you a wee bit F*$#ed up.

Real talk.

It makes you more prone to developing social anxiety, and depression. The very nature of the work is crazy too; working insane hours, our brains never turn off and we tend to neglect basic necessities (its 10 pm and I haven’t eaten dinner or showered, lol should probably do that).

A few weeks ago I went to a Fat Freddy’s Drop (my fav) concert and found myself having a panic attack right in the middle of a massive crowd, it was the first time this has ever happened to me, I’ve NEVER had social anxiety and because this was all new to me, I had no idea what was going on.

Later on, It made me pick apart why this happened and honestly, my only conclusion was; I sit in a home office all week by myself. If I have an interaction, it’s online or over the phone. This realization had me wondering, surely there are thousands of other entrepreneurs and freelancers out there with this issue.

I sat down and compiled a few ways for us to get out of these wee ruts and headspaces.

  • Schedule a weekend errand on a weekday (force having a social break within your work week)
  • FaceTime a friend while you’re having a meal
  • Build an online tribe (or join the BossBabe Société)
  • Exercise to get out of your own head
  • Pump your workspace with a psychological impacting color
  • Get Plants in your workspace to create fresh flowing air
  • Plan at least 1 social gathering a month with friends to look forward to

Have you struggled with isolation or started developing social avoidance tendencies as a result of freelancing or working from home? What do you do to improve or change headspaces? DM me on Instagram with your tips and tricks: @suzy.broad

I would love to hear what you do or what you recommend!

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How to Monetize Your Facebook Group With Copy That Converts

How to Monetize Your Facebook Group With Copy That Converts

woman using Facebook on her computer

Every online business seems to have a Facebook group. But WHY do Facebook groups work? Creating a Facebook group allows you to create that one to one relationship with your ideal clients.

It also enables you to provide an environment that can become a safe place for people to share their pain points, their wins, ask questions and ENGAGE. You then become the facilitator of a support network where you can EMPOWER those within the group with your experience, your knowledge and your VOICE.

To grow your Facebook community using authentic copy that resonates you must first establish yourself as someone who is confident in your knowledge, confident the value you bring and confident in your skillset.

Once you feel confident in all these areas, it’s time for you to get used to pressing that ‘live’ button’. Here are my tips on how to put some power and soul behind the words that you use…

Here’s how I grew my Facebook Community by confidently utilizing my voice and learning how to write copy that converts.

1. Be in the flow.

Being in the flow is a truly magical element to my business and I just bloody love the feeling of being spiritually aligned with my business, my goals, my clients. It’s not just about focusing on the sales, generating the leads or growing your email list. When you are speaking from your heart and soul you exude warmth and positive energy that attracts the right kind of tribe. When you speak in the flow, you are in thrive mode and you are coming from such a deep-rooted place of certainty and knowing that your words are going to truly influence someone in the most positive light. This is when the true breakthroughs for people happen because your intentions are so true and pure – the magic is just waiting to happen.

2. Share things that scare you.

If you’ve watched ‘Brene Brown’s – The Power of Vulnerability’ ted talk you’ll understand the true power of utilizing your personal experiences to connect you with your ideal clients.
This is one of the tools that is integrated into my business. I share my own story in the truest, rawest form as I know that others can identify with my story and with the emotions I felt at that time when I first started my business. I show that it is possible to have what I have now, no matter where you start.

If I’m not getting flutters before I post, I know I’m not producing copy that converts to $$$

Disclaimer >> My personal advice is to make sure that you ONLY share from a place of vulnerability when you are truly on the other side of a difficult situation as this is the time when you can share vulnerabilities when you have overcome a situation and are a place of healing instead of hurt.

It’s not about YOU…

I can’t stress enough the importance of you asking your community what they want – repeatedly. There is no guesswork here, it’s not a one-off thing. You constantly want to deliver value in your Facebook group but to do that you need to know what value means to your audience. The key here is to really listen to your community and to see if you can spot something that can help you all bond effectively! This is how you deepen your relationships by actively listening and providing real-time value.

3. Understanding the practicalities of effective copywriting

There are certain practicalities to writing compelling copy that converts. This truly comes down to the psychology behind a piece of writing. Here are a few things to consider when creating a template for your posts:

  • Draw people in on the first few lines with a HOOK. Questions or a solution to their problems work well. For example, ‘Do you feel like an imposter?’ or ‘How to STOP feeling like an imposter.’
  • End with a CTA that empowers someone or inspires them to take action.
  • Always use the first person. For example ‘Do YOU feel…’
  • Stick to one topic. This is where your brand pillars come in.

Don’t be salesy!

The trick is to subliminally sell the product or service you provide with your message and consistent content over time. A quick sales post is a shot-term win you should focus on the overarching strategy for the long-term results.

These are just a few of the tips I have learned to truly use my voice to connect with my audience and build a successful online community.

Remember to be free and open-minded mentally and spiritually because at the end of the day we as humans have that natural desire to feel connected with others. The true magic of copywriting is when you put yourself into the shoes of those you want to serve instead of focusing on you, your successes and what you have done! Put your audience first when delivering any message – and they will come to you. It’s known as the pull over push effect in marketing and it works!

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Watch the Powerful Video That’s Got Us Fired Up In All The Right Ways

Watch the Powerful Video That’s Got Us Fired Up In All The Right Ways

Now, more than ever, boss babes need to rise up and support other ambitious women who break the mold and defy definition. Be A Lady, the viral video from Cinthia Nixon, has a powerful message that’s getting us fired up in all the right ways.

Chances are, if you’re a female, you’ve experienced what it’s like to never feel good enough and to be told: “just be a lady”.

Not being smart enough, being too smart.
Not being thin enough, being too thin.
Not being outgoing enough, being too outgoing.

Let’s be honest, as a woman, there is “no chance” that you haven’t felt some sort of impossible dilemma before; some sort of expectation you could never meet because you were damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

But trust me, sister, you’re not alone.

Earlier this year, an absolute killer short film was released addressing these exact kinds of impossible standards women are held to on a daily basis and girl, it’s gone viral.

Like over 8 million views on Vimeo viral… And if you haven’t seen it, go watch it now!

No seriously, I’ll wait.

Mic. Drop. Right!

So we couldn’t close out March 2020 — Women’s History Month — without shouting out it and the very real, very sensitive topics it covers.

Be a lady, the said.

What in the world does “be a lady” even mean?

In the video, Cynthia Nixon, most famous for her role as Miranda Hobbs on Sex & The City narrates a 2017 blog titled, “Be a lady, they said” written by Camille Rainville.

Here’s a snippet:

Be a lady they said. Don’t talk too loud. Don’t talk too much. Don’t take up space. Don’t sit like that. Don’t stand like that. Don’t be intimidating. Why are you so miserable? Don’t be a bitch. Don’t be so bossy. Don’t be assertive. Don’t overact. Don’t be so emotional. Don’t cry. Don’t yell. Don’t swear. Be passive. Be obedient. Endure the pain. Be pleasing. Don’t complain…

Sounds familiar right?

So imagine this for a second, if we were all in the same room together right now, and I said “stand up if you can relate to anything mentioned in the video”, I can guarantee no one would be sitting. Every. Single. One of us, has probably experienced almost all of these things at one point or another.

Which is both heartbreaking and uniting all at the same time.

So who created these impossible ideals?

While I’m sure the feminist in us all wants to say “blame it on the men”, it’s all their fault! The truth is, it’s a little bit of all of us. There’s obviously not one specific place in time we could go back to and say this is where it all began, this is where it started, but somehow, in little ways throughout history, these sorts of ideas were introduced and perpetuated until they became so common they were like the air we breathe.

And whether or not it’s our intention, each of us has played a part in reinforcing these ideas within society.

We gossip and judge each other. “She’s let herself go. She got so fat. What a know-it-all. What a slut.”

We compete with one another in unhealthy ways. “If only I looked more like that. I’ll never be as cool as her.”

We literally kill ourselves trying to be everything to everyone at all times.

And though our intention is not to add to the problem, it’s easy to see how we do.

Above all, how do we fix it?

“Be a lady, they said” lays out all the impossible expectations we’re held to, and it’s not fun to see all together there is it? #triggered

So there are two extremely important ways we can start to change the dialogue.

Firstly, we need to throw out these impossible and damaging social constructs. Throw them out girl! Or more simply…

DO whatever and BE whoever we damn right choose to!

Most importantly, there’s so much beauty in all of us, exactly as we are. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong if you want to change something about yourself. I’m saying make those decisions for you and no one else. In other words, trying to fit into what you think others want you to be is the quickest way to unhappiness.   

Secondly, we need to stop adding fuel to the fire and start supporting our fellow badass lady friends instead of judging and competing with one another.

That is to say, if you want to be accepted for who you are, why doesn’t the girl next to you also deserve that? When we come together and build each other up instead of tearing each other down imagine the magical things that can happen.

I mean, that’s what Boss Babe is all about right?

So cheers to all of you amazing women out there, be whoever the hell you want to be!

Need some inspo from some killer women? Check out 15 Badass Entrepreneurial Women That Shaped History.

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