Windie App – Saving you money on your home heating and cooling bill

Windie App – Saving you money on your home heating and cooling bill

That’s my thing! Thanks for posting Tanner!

Now that I’m here let me tell you a little bit about why I created Windie.

Every morning I wake up, have a coffee, and wonder when would be the optimal time to open my windows. My apartment is drafty in the winter and scorching in the summer and paying for heating and cooling is only fun for so long, not to mention the impact it has on the environment. With my dad’s catchphrase in mind ringing in the back of my mind, I knew there had to be a better way.

So with the intention of saving money and helping lower my carbon footprint, I came up with an idea.

Introducing Windie, the one-of-a-kind iPhone application designed to let you know when to open your windows and blinds to help achieve your ideal temperature. By utilizing a little bit of information about you and your home, Windie will send you notifications to help you take control of your heating and cooling.

But this is bigger than just me and you.

According to Energy.Gov, 75% of residential window draperies and blinds stay in the same position day to day. This means 75% of energy saving opportunities are being missed. Opening your blinds brings in sunlight to help heat your home, while keeping them closed can reduce heat loss depending on the weather conditions. Energy.Gov also states that upwards of 48% of your utility bills go to heating and cooling your home. We are hurting our wallets and our environment, simply by ignoring our windows.

It sounds simple. It is simple.

Let’s save the world one window at a time.

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Sheety 2.0 – Turn your Google Sheet into a fully RESTful API

Sheety 2.0 – Turn your Google Sheet into a fully RESTful API

Hello Product Hunt!

Earlier this year I launched Sheety V1 which let you do basic reads from your Google Sheet via a JSON API. Since then over 800,000 people have used Sheety, and we serve nearly 80GB of sheets per month – you guys love spreadsheets!

Today I’m launching Sheety V2 which now lets you write to your sheet. You can use standard RESTful interactions: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. It’s also blazing fast: updates happen in realtime. Getting up and running is as simple as connecting your Google account to Sheety, then pasting the spreadsheet URL: schemas and endpoints are generated automatically.

I built Sheety V2 as I spend a lot of my timing prototyping new ideas, and wanted a quicker way of putting together realistic experiences that can be used in the wild!

I can’t wait to see what you do with Sheety and would love your feedback 🙂


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OgHero – Generate social share images for your blogs automagically

OgHero – Generate social share images for your blogs automagically

Hello PHunters!

So the story goes like this: I read a post by IndieHacker about how they automate their social share images for all the posts (…). I decided to make a SaaS product out of it. But my day job didn’t allow me to finish this until today.

But the twist is, before I could even finish the product I found that someone else has already built the product. I felt disappointed to not work fast enough.

But somehow I tried to make it live anyway after asking fellow Indiehackers here:…

Let me know how you find the product. Feedbacks are welcome!

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Spiritual Bro – Spell check for your spirit 🙏

Spiritual Bro – Spell check for your spirit 🙏

👋 Product Hunt! Brian Swichkow here.

In a time of personal transition, a friend and advisor made me aware of where my language undermined my intentions. Over time, I became frustrated with the pace at which I was able to change, or release, these stories; the frames that no longer served me.

In an email newsletter to friends, I shared my frustrations and playfully declared an intention to create a “spell check for your spirit.” One recipient of that email was @johnzdanowski, the former CFO of Second Life and General Assembly, he matched my energy and said, “I’ll fund that.”

At the time, I had a sticky note on my bathroom mirror that said “I am attracting the perfect partners into my life” and John had a daily mantra of “I am reinventing venture finance to accelerate humanity’s transition to the next stage of consciousness.” We manifested each other.

Spiritual Bro began as, and continues to be, a co-creative adventure; a space for play and mutual elevation. In conversations at our gatherings, we have joyously been present for friends of resonance as they retract verbal “I’m trying to” statements and replace them with “I’m doing” or “I’m making space for”. Often, this happens when they are merely aware Spirit Check exists.

The extension was born in jest, when the truth of the message couldn’t be fully accepted, and has since manifested moments of magic that escape the bondage of words. What we might have previously called “crazy coincidence” seems to happen more frequently every day. Spirit Check is an enlightenment experiment, a play thing, a cosmic joke. We’ve had a blast building it and are excited to share it.

As Alan Watts said, “the Universe is a magical illusion and a fabulous game.”

Thanks for hunting us @sethlouey 🙌

P.S. Use the code ‘PHLOVE’ on and get free forever access to our ‘Little Bro’ slack community where we co-create Spirit Check and support one anothers’ elevation.

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