Drive Password – Password manager encrypting and storing in your Google Drive

Drive Password – Password manager encrypting and storing in your Google Drive


Hey, thanks for the question! No, your data is only stored within your Google Drive. It is locally encrypted on your device and then stored. Well, if you delete the encrypted files from your Google Drive you will lose your passwords.

I know it might sound a bit scary, but we want to give the user full control over their data and it is their responsibility to not delete it.

We are currently developing a feature with which the user will be able to backup themselves all their passwords.

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Docs2Book – Distribute your Google Document in a whole new way

Docs2Book – Distribute your Google Document in a whole new way

Hi hunters,

A few weeks back I decided to work on Docs2Book to work on this problem. I saw that Google document is the super tool for writing but when comes to sharing it lacks the few characteristics and that’s what the starting point of Docs2Book.

It combines the idea of by @andreyazimov and by @levelsio. They both created an awesome tool and wanted to create something like that so this Docs2Book is a no-code way to create the perfect Makebook like e-book for your brand.

Using Docs2Book is simple and it’s doesn’t even ask your Google account. All you have to do is log in to and then share your google document to [email protected] and then the document will appear automatically.

Still very early to launch but I’m really interested in your thoughts about this product.

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Hi Hunters! 👋

I’m very pleased to finally give you v1.0 of 🎉
A bunch of new features have been added and the editor is now rock solid!

I wont bore you with the details, but if you want some insights I’ve made a blog-post about the tool and the grand vision.…

Looking forward to see what you’ll build and hit me up if you have questions!

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Vincent – Your one-stop inbox for design and frontend news

Vincent – Your one-stop inbox for design and frontend news

Hey Hunters! Tamas, co-founder and curator of Vincent here. We’re excited to announce the first public release of Vincent.

We started building Vincent as an experiment to provide a better experience for getting hand-picked design and frontend articles and resources. It could be a great alternative to curated design newsletters.

Our MVP is available in the App Store and ready to be used from today. In the next couple of months we’re continuously improving the application and rolling out new features such as bookmarking, following interest, customizing notification, dark mode and so on. Versions for Android, macOS and the Web are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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UPI Stack for Businesses💸 by Cashfree – Collect & disburse UPI payments 1 stack, 15+integrations

UPI Stack for Businesses💸 by Cashfree – Collect & disburse UPI payments 1 stack, 15+integrations

Hi PH 👋🏻, I’m Reeju, the Co-Founder of Cashfree.

Firstly, thanks a lot @neerajt4 for hunting us 🙏😊

Today, we’re glad to introduce UPI Stack for Businesses💸 by Cashfree

We’ve built this stack to provide Indian businesses with a robust platform to collect and disburse UPI payments.

What’s UPI you ask? 🤔

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant real-time payment system ⚡. UPI is offered as a feature by most popular apps including WhatsApp and can be accessed by any smartphone user with a bank account.

Due to the ease of use and distribution via popular apps, UPI IDs are being increasingly adopted by consumers and businesses to receive payments 📱. Earlier, people used to share bank accounts, now consumers are increasingly sharing their UPI handles.

📱 Mobile app developers (like game developers, social website platforms, fitness apps) pay commission up to 30% to the app-store platforms if they use their native payment stack.
UPI can bring that cost down by 90% 💰 for such in-app payment flows.

As such, UPI has established itself as the preferred mode of payments in India.

UPI Stack for Businesses💸 by Cashfree allows businesses to use UPI infrastructure for all business payment needs including collections, disbursals and verification. 💸
Availability of all SDKs, APIs and integration methods in a single stack allows developers to speed up implementing ⌛ UPI as a payment mode across devices and use cases.
With Cashfree’s ‘UPI Stack for Businesses’ developers can implement the desired payment flow for preferred platforms with minimal integration effort and collect & disburse payments via all UPI based App

Here’s what UPI Stack for Businesses💸 by Cashfree offers 👇


✅UPI payment gateway
Accept payments via UPI Apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, etc., with our payment gateway, on a website or mobile app.

✅UPI Payment Link
Businesses can generate a payment link that can be shared easily with their customers.

✅UPI QR Code
UPI Quick Response (QR) Code is a unique graphics code that helps businesses accept UPI payments when scanned with a UPI app

✅Virtual UPI Addresses for Reconciliation
Automatic reconciliation of inbound UPI payments


✅Verify UPI ID and Linked Bank Account Number
Enter a UPI ID to know if the ID is valid and in the registered name of the payee.

Payouts by Cashfree – Automate UPI Payment Disbursals
A simple way to send money directly to any number of virtual UPI IDs, in real-time

Cashgram by Cashfree – UPI payout links
A web link that businesses can use to send money to their user’s preferred payment method — UPI wallet, Paytm wallet, Amazon Pay wallet, bank account or debit card — without collecting their account details.

Thanks for reading!
We’ll be happy to answer any question you might have and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. 😀

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