EthVigil Tutorials – Learn and build on Ethereum in real time

EthVigil Tutorials – Learn and build on Ethereum in real time

Hi all! 👋

I am absolutely stoked to announce EthVigil tutorials that helps you code on blockchain in real time – no blockchain experience necessary! 😊

Some back story: When building CryptoVigil during the PH Global hackathon (2017), I realized how painful it was to code on blockchain even for a seasoned developer like me. Why wasn’t there a Stripe or Twilio for blockchain that I could use to quickly prototype my app with just a few lines of code. With that vision, my co-founder @Anomit and I have been working on this since 2 years.

Whether you are a college student, a novice in the world of web development or a seasoned fullstack developer, our vision is to make blockchain development accessible to all. The tutorial framework itself will be open sourced once we collect feedback from the community and iron out a few kinks. Anyone can then contribute their lesson plans and spin off their own version if they wish so.

Would love to hear first impressions from fellow developers here. Feel free to break stuff on the interface too 😉

(It is a developer tool intended for desktop usage. Experience on a mobile browser will be sub-par.) 💻

If you want to dig deeper, feel free to check out the docs of the core API. We dogfooded the API to build this very experience!

Full launch announcement on our blog.

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Reddex – A toolkit for YouTube Reddit narrators

Reddex – A toolkit for YouTube Reddit narrators

Hey everyone! To keep this short and sweet. I made Reddex because finding stories on Reddit takes too long. From finding the story to asking the author if I may narrate it, took too much time for my liking, so I made this tool to speed up that process.

Reddex is geared toward narrators who use Reddit to find the stories they want to read, though you can use it for the searchable inbox if you like.

This tool is something I made for myself in my free time over almost 1 year now and it’s become the most valuable tool in my tool chest when it comes to what I do: narrating.

After using it for a while and casually mentioning it to other narrators, I found it met a real need and actually, from the start, I knew it would, but having that confirmed was a real milestone.

So here I am with my first ever product launch!

Thanks so much for looking.

Source link — Free email verification for Salesforce — Free email verification for Salesforce

I’ve been there. Constantly prospecting… finding emails… doing research.. customizing the emails.. and then BOOM! The email bounces. It’s the worst feeling in the world 😭

That’s why I built ✌️

Outsell is made for sales reps by sales reps.

Outsell lets you verify Lead and Contact emails in Salesforce. It’s been proven successful for:

– Account Executives
– Customer Success Managers
– Business Development Executives
– Sales Development Representatives
– Sales Operations Managers

With a simple to use Chrome Extension, bounced emails are now a thing of the past.

Would love for you to give it a shot and let me know your feedback! 🙏

– Jason Miller


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Submarine Two – More than a Reddit app Desktop-quality multitasking for iOS

Submarine Two – More than a Reddit app Desktop-quality multitasking for iOS

Hey everybody! 👋

Submarine Two is a passion project of mine that I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s a sequel to a Reddit app I made in 2015 which had a similar focus on simple UI and multitasking UX.

The killer feature? Tap & hold on any link, message, subreddit (or just about anything) to open it in the Dock, the first navigation style of its kind brought to a Reddit app. Think of it like opening tabs in a web browser. Access it anytime by tapping the Anchor button in the bottom right of the app. Simple and powerful! You can even Dock the Search and Random Subreddit/Post actions.

Built from the ground-up in Swift, Submarine Two does not use any 3rd party libraries or tools, and will be made open source this year as the code goes through a few more rounds of polishing. Although there are more features to add, including more Moderator support and Push notifications, I really want to get this app in the hands of Redditors as soon as possible.

Please send as much feedback as possible here or to the Submarine email: [email protected]


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