Hey Product Hunters 🤟 welcome to Gliphy, a fun little side project I designed and built during some downtime. It came out of a frustration of constantly needing to Google search things like “diagonal down arrow”, “tick icon”, etc. You simply find the glyph you’re looking for and click/tap to copy it to your clipboard.

Yes there are other similar resources out there, but I wanted to create something that was super simple and easy to use. And yes on macOS you can access an entire unicode library, but it’s not the easiest to use and sometimes I’m on my iPhone or iPad, or would just prefer to stay in Safari/Chrome.

It doesn’t contain every possible glyph out there (yet!) – and I have purposely omitted some that you can easily access from your keyboard – however if you would like to see others added to the list let me know!

Features like sort and search may come in the future if I get enough interest 🙂

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