Hey Makers! 👋 We are Roman and Stacy, founders of Pizdata, and this is our first time on Product Hunt.

First, we created a profitable online coding school (for CIS region) that got tons of compliments regarding its design. We worked with a cool guy, paying him ¼ of the salary to cover the school’s tasks once in a while.

This year we paused the online school having the intention to start a global company. That’s how Roman got a shot:
‍“there should be more companies like ours that are looking for a design, but don’t want to deal with random freelancers or they haven’t enough tasks to hire full-time”. And then it started…

Once algorithms matched us (I mean Tinder 😬) — and now we created a platform to match people for the job. In 10 days from the idea, we got our first client — a guy who just got accepted into Y Combinator and needed a new website and logo in 2 weeks as he would be posted on Techcrunch. And we did it!

For 5 months we tested our hypotheses in a closed beta with world-class talents and startups. Now among the clients, we have a few YC alumni, Microsoft AI partner, series A startups and product companies with 1000 people.

Only yesterday we released our new website. Now we are ready to go public. Now we are ready for YOU.

From Ukrainian, Pizdata means “fucking amazing”. And that describes our attitude 🚀 Please, give Pizdata a try! And let us know what you think.

Excited Roman & Stacy

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