Hi Product Hunt! We’re excited to launch here on Giving Tuesday. We started Momentum because we’d discovered that most people want to give 2x more than they already do, but life often gets in the way. There are a bunch of barriers like figuring out where to donate, how much or how often to do it, and what it’s helping do in the world. We built Momentum to make this whole process easier.

Momentum is an automatic donation app that helps you give based on your lifestyle, interests, and values. For example, every time Trump tweets, give 10 cents to the ACLU (you can set a limit). When you get a coffee, round it up for people who need clean water. Or support children’s health with every mile your friend runs. You can give to any nonprofit in the country, and we’ve also built collections of trustworthy charities from independent evaluators. Momentum tracks your impact (like pounds of carbon offsets or lives saved) so you understand how you’re making a difference. So far, our community of early users have donated $35K and we’d love for you to join the movement.

Some of our favorite features:
– Pick from collections of high-impact charities vetted by independent evaluators
– Give to any one of the 1.8 million IRS-registered nonprofits in the country
– Donate when it makes sense to like when you feel frustrated, buy a luxury item, or just want to help.
– Track your impact (like pounds of carbon offsets and lives saved)
– Coming down the line: social giving features, a personalized portfolio, campaigns, a webapp, and an Android app.

We’d love your feedback to help us improve the app and make it easier to make a difference.

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