Hello for the second time, fellow Makers! Last year your enthusiasm for modern e-commerce drove us to the 2nd most popular product of the day – thank you for that! Since then, Saleor’s become the fastest growing Open Source (OSS) e-commerce platform in the world. Now we’re back to share a major milestone, the launch of Saleor Commerce.

Saleor Commerce = OSS + Cloud + Apps 🛒

Saleor Commerce is a group of products we’ve built in response to feature requests from our amazing 6,300 Github stargazers and Saleor users worldwide. Let’s start with Saleor OSS:

⚡️ Quickly navigate massive product catalogs with Saleor’s advanced sorting and filtering.
🧩 Easily integrate whenever, wherever with our new plugins manager and webhooks.
👕 Perfectly match your products to Saleor with more flexible attributes and product types
👔 Enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) configurable products creation via our new builder.
🧰 Easily add and update products, orders and customers with our CSV import/export support.

Next up is Saleor Cloud, where we’re acting on feedback that devops is a huge pain and low value-add. We’ve built the easiest way to deploy your e-commerce and freed you from the mission-critical, but laborious task of performance tuning and continuous maintenance.

🔌 Ultra-fast API/headless e-commerce hosted on AWS
👨‍💻 Quickly spin up new experiences with our CLI tool
🗂 Utilize sandboxes for rapid prototyping

As you can see, it’s been an action-packed 12 months since our last visit! A few highlights:
🦋 We’re proud that our friends at Gates-backed Butterfly Network were recognized as Apple Design Award winners and that Saleor powers their e-commerce.
👷‍♂️ Developers at brands like a-dam.com are showcasing how liberating Saleor’s headless architecture can be for front-end designers.
🌟 Our GitHub repo stargazer count grew dramatically — from 2700 to more than 6300!

There’s a lot more to report, but that’s all we’ll share for now. The biggest secret to Saleor’s success is the community’s feedback so, please, let us know your thoughts on our progress.

And, if you like what we are doing here, please upvote the project and spread some open-source love!

GitHub: https://github.com/mirumee/saleor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/getsaleor
PWA Storefront: https://pwa.saleor.io/
GraphQL-first Dashboard: https://pwa.saleor.io/dashboard/

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