We fully understand the concerns and fear around the coronavirus pandemic and too are feeling the effects in our homes and businesses.  We are in uncertain times right now and that is why it is super important to focus on how we are all going to get through this personally, emotionally, professionally and financially.

Twenty-two years ago, I left my career, my family and friends, to come to the USA with Neil for a better business opportunity.  It was a great opportunity for us as a family and business to grow and make a bigger impact.  As Neil grew the family business, I took on the best job and most important job of my life…  Being a full time mom.  What I learned really quickly was it did not pay very well. With the need to make my own money and extra money for the family, I created my first private label brand, with the help and support from Neil of course.

My private label brand was a perfect business that I could manage from home and not have to give up my time away from my kids (the best job ever). And the best part, I made money everyday from my private label products.  I have been fortunate to be able to share this secret business model with so many moms, small businesses, serviced-based businesses and retailers to help them grow their business and add a revenue stream they were not tapping into. Learn more about how you can get started here… https://privatelabeluniversity.com/private-label-blueprint/

It is now of utmost importance to make sure we cover all our basis when it comes to business success and to make sure we safeguard our business so that no matter what pandemic or crisis that cause us to cut back or slow down or completely shut down, we are still able to function, support our clients, make money and make an impact in others lives.


I want to share with you …

3 important strategies

Something to think about right now in your business, so you make money fast during uncertain times and continue to make money from hereon in.


StrategyStrategy #1: Add another revenue stream to your business. Make sure your business is not just bringing in 1 revenue stream but many.  Many service-based businesses bring in 1 stream of revenue.  Think about times like now where you may not be able to provide those services at full capacity.  What does that mean for your business?  It could mean loss of clients, loss of revenue. This could cause serious damage to your business.


MoneyStrategy #2: Make deeper connections.  Your clients need you now more than ever before.  Connect with them on a deeper level.  Send them an email or card and tell them how you are still here to support them and how.  If they were coming to you for your services and your services have ceased, then let them know how you can still support them.





Strategy #3: Listen to your clients needs and support them by finding other ways to provide your service to them.

Can you provide additional resources, services or products to them that will help them through this time? 

I know the power of products – how it can grow exponentially a business and how it can provide support and impact to clients. That is why I am sharing with you today the strategy I have been using for decades.  A strategy that works!  Private Labeling.  Private labeling is super easy to do and super easy to implement into a business to attract more clients, make money daily and make a bigger impact.  All you have to do is find a  perfect product, put your brand on it, and share it.

I used the power of private labeling to ensure that I make money every day even when I was not working and being mom 24/7 from home. The impact and results private labeling has on a business are so powerful.  And to be quite frank, I am seeing the importance of this business model as an essential strategy every business needs to implement moving forward. Especially in our current uncertain times.  If I didn’t have my personal brand of physical products as an additional revenue stream coming in right now…  I would not be making much income because as a private label product strategist and business consultant I depend on my face-to face consulting and live teaching workshops.

Right now with Covid-19 we are unable to teach and coach live.  We rely on this additional revenue stream, of private label products to keep us on top.

I urge you, If you are a service based business or a small business who is currently shut down or slowed down then join me in a free training, where I share with you how businesses are using the power of private labeling to scale their business even during uncertain times.

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