1-on-1 Business Coaching

Price: $99.00 – 1 Hour 

We have a team of experts who will challenge your thinking, provide feedback and recommend tasks, tools, and resources for moving you forward. We work to create “ah-ha” breakthroughs and functional action plans. 
Our approach to business coaching is focused less on the structural and functional challenges of your business, and more on you and the people running your business. We help you become the leader you need to be to move your life and business forward
There’s no cookie-cutter approach. No standard playbook to force fit you into. We work with you, on you and your business as we jointly see fit. Your results will ultimately stem from you showing up fully, powerfully and consistently as the leader you want to be.
Your coaching work is always confidential and only available to you. 
Need to talk? Need some support? Need some encouragement? Need some suggestions? Need some prayer?
Schedule your 60 minutes to call today. Need more than 60 minutes? No problem 
Monthly business coaching prices range from $500 to $2,000 per month depending on your needs.
Business coaching is delivered in four standard modes:
  • Half time is 2 hours per month (1 hour every 2 weeks, or 30 min. every week)
  • Full time is 4 hours per month (1 hour every week)
  • Double-time is 8 hours per month (2 hours every week)