Long Locks
Drop Shipping

No inventory, no problem. Long Locks Virgin Hair allows you to add products from our website to your Shopify store

Long Locks Does Everything For You Behind The Scenes

Pick the products you want to sell and import them with 1 click, drive traffic to your store and start selling your products, Let us fulfill your orders.

Grow your dropshipping business today!

Your customer places their order 

Long Locks will ship the product out

Your customer’s receipt and tracking is emailed to them 


Drop Shipping. Simplified.

Discover new products more efficiently, streamline your order management, and leave shipping to us, so that you can spend more time growing your sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my customers to receive their packages?

Long Locks will ship out USPS Priority mail to your customers within 4 to 5 days.

Can I use another hosting site other than Shopify to drop ship from Long Locks?

Unfortunately, we're only drop shipping to Shopify site owners at this time.

Can I set my own prices?

Yes, when dropshipping through Long Locks you can set your prices and sell as many orders as you want, without You or YOUR staff EVER touching the product!

How much does it cost to drop ship from Long Locks?

Long Locks doesn't charge any fees to drop ship from our store. However, you will have to pay a monthly fee to use the Shopify dropshipping app that connects to our website.

When I sync products to my store, what product information gets synced?

When you first sync a product over, the following information is copied over:
Product Title
Images Variants

Will orders from my stores automatically be sent to Long Locks for fulfillment?

Yes, orders from your store can be forwarded automatically. This feature needs to be activated in your app settings section.