How to drop-ship using a personal shopper from China

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Chinese vendors and manufacturers have inherent biases towards Americans, Europeans, and other foreigners. They tend to offer Chinese customers lower prices and better quality. It’s not personal that’s just apart of the Chinese culture.


Ten years ago, Aliexpress was a drop shippers best-kept secret. Now It’s becoming nearly impossible to compete with the competition, rising product cost, long shipping times, middlemen, and poor quality.

In my opinion, You can have a perfect working relationship with your supplier, years of business invested, and they will still offer Chinese customers better pricing.

Fast shipping, low pricing, and products that are hard to find is key to building a successful business.

In this ebook/ video course, I will show you how to shop on the Chinese market from your home computer, The best software to translate the language, And where to find a personal shopper in China to purchase your products and ship them to you quickly,

Another bonus is you don’t have to buy with a minimum order quality. Most manufacturing sites required you to buy no less than 100 pieces. That’s nearly impossible if you’re a new business owner.

Let me show you how drop-shippers and wholesalers shop on the Chinese Market!

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